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Mathematics book for 12th class

by Harsh Bhardwaj
Posted on 08 April, 2011

i want to have a good control on cbse mathematics for class 12 but i am unable to choose one extra book ( RD Sharma or Comprehensive or any other) . So need help


by Hemant Arora posted on 14 April, 2011
hmmm i too think so.
by LOKESH BAVISKAR posted on 14 April, 2011
for calculas u can used 'calculas with one variable by isaac maron' you canalso download it from follwing link
by Abhilasha Singh posted on 08 April, 2011
i wud go with the arihant buks for iitjee...quite nicely framed and good set of ques with high concept clearence..
by L.K. Sharma posted on 08 April, 2011
Thanks for sharing your query because most of the time it's a common confusion in selection of the reference books for mathematics.

My vote goes to XII (CBSE) PART 1 AND 2 by R.D.Sharma because of following features:
(1) rarest mistakes and errors in it.
(2) almost complete NCERT is covered through solved examples and unsolved problems.
(3) large number of solved examples with detailed solutions and very exhaustive practice exercises covering all varieties of question as per the requirement of CBSE.
(4)content coverage gives ample scope for developing good basics required in competitions.
(5)MCQs and VSQs at the end of each chapters are the best part of the book, although having some errors, but the manageable ones.

I am a premium promoter for this book of CBSE since last 15 years , but i will request the community members to share their views in this regard, quite possible of the availability of some other good NEW book in market.
by L.K. Sharma posted on 15 April, 2011
Its great to have different opinion about books , thanks Lokesh for the blog address, i am also searching for some e-books of Russian publications in mathematics .
by Shivam Mangla posted on 14 April, 2011
theory & understanding...good in arihant...(if u r good in understanding maths)
theory + lots of examples...very well in R.D.S....(if u r a little slow(please don't make it an ego issue))

at last 4 jee level practice quesn...go 4.. A NEW PATTERN JEE IN MATHEMATICS(arihant)....having a variety of exam oriented practice solved ques...
by Nouman Ahmad posted on 21 August, 2011
by shah nawaz gudaro posted on 23 February, 2012
differential equation
by bso posted on 02 April, 2012
by sansvi posted on 04 April, 2012
rd sharma nd rs is the best 4r all chapters in maths....i think so

by sansvi posted on 04 April, 2012
rd sharma nd rs is the best 4r all chapters in maths....i think so

by sivamani posted on 13 May, 2012

iam very goodboy

by Aninda Chatterjee posted on 18 October, 2012
IMO: KC Sinha's Eduwiser Series for Theory & SK Goyal's New Pattern IIT JEE Maths for Practice ... followed by Arihant's 34 Yr's Chapter-wise IIT JEE Paper (Solved)
by MD.ARSHAD posted on 09 October, 2012
sit i want to open a coaching institute for iit and aieee preparation. tel me what are the things i must keep in my mind.
by Abhishikha Shalinee posted on 03 January, 2013
in vector i have many problem

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